• Orientation Acknowledgement

    Welfare-to-Work Orientation Acknowledgement

    • Did you watch the entire video? Yes No
    • Did you download the Welfare-to-Work hand book or would you like one mailed to you?
    • Do you understand that if you have any questions, you can call your Case Manager anytime during normal business hours? Yes No

    Certification Message

    By submitting this form I certify that,

    I understand that the purpose of Welfare-to-Work is to help me prepare for work and find a job.
    I have watched the Welfare-to-Work Orientation video and understand my Rights and Responsibilities.
    I viewed and/or downloaded or requested a copy of the Welfare-to-Work Handbook.
    I know that I have certain rights and responsibilities as a participant in Welfare-to-Work.
    I know that I must meet all my responsibilities as a Welfare-to-Work participant.
    If I fail to meet my responsibilities without good reason, I know that there are certain penalties and that my cash aid may be affected.


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