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The Ombudsman Program provides a number of critical services.  Ombudsman act as the eyes and ears for residents in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes or board and care homes.  Ombudsman encourage access to advocacy by informing residents of what kind of care to expect, by providing a mechanism to file a complaint, and by guiding residents through the process of advocating on their own behalf.

The Ombudsman Program investigates reports of abuse and neglect of seniors and dependent adults residing in long term care facilities.

There is no income eligibility

An ombudsman can help with the following concerns about the quality of care provided to residents in long-term care facilities:

·         Resident right issues.

·         Physical abuse and neglect.

·         Dietary concerns.

·         Financial issues (billing concerns, benefits, financial exploitation).

·         Concerns about physical or chemical restraints.

·         Transfer and discharge issues.

·         Privacy and confidentiality.

·         Witnessing of Advance Directives in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

·         Supporting resident and family councils.

For more information, or if you have a concern or need to report abuse, call (209) 468-3785 or Ombudsman Crisis Line (800) 231-4024. Call 209-468-1104 to complete a referral by phone.  Or download and complete our Report of Suspected Elder and Dependent Abuse (SOC 341) and either fax it to; 209-932-2641, or mail to; San Joaquin County Human Services Agency, PO Box 201056, Stockton CA 95201.



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If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and want to know how to get involved in the Ombudsman program, please call 209-468-3785