What is Welfare to Work (WTW)?

  • Welfare to Work is an Employment Program designed to help adults receiving CalWORKs cash aid prepare for work and find a job. If necessary, you can improve your job skills or learn new skills to help you get a job in today’s workforce. Finding a job will help you become self-supporting and your family will enjoy a better way of life.
  • WTW can also help with important supportive services, such as child care, transportation and work or training related expenses while working or participating in approved WTW activities.
  • You must receive CalWORKs cash aid to participant in the WTW program.
  • Participation in WTW is required for all adult CalWORKs recipients to receive cash aid, unless you are exempt.
  • CalWORKs recipients that are exempt may volunteer to take part in the WTW program. Volunteers must meet the rules of the WTW program.
  • If you are a recipient of CalWORKs cash aid and required to participate, you will be automatically enrolled in the Welfare to Work program by your cash aid Eligibility Worker (EW).
  • If you are exempt and would like to participate, contact your cash aid EW for a referral to the WTW program.
  • Once you are enrolled, you will be assigned an Employment Services Case Manager.
  • Adults can only receive CalWORKs cash aid in California for a total lifetime limit of 48 months.
  • Effective January 1, 2013, WTW participants have a WTW 24-month time clock that applies to all adult CalWORKs recipients who are required to participate in the WTW program. During this WTW 24-month time clock period, WTW participants are able to participate in the full range of WTW activities. After exhausting the WTW 24-month time clock, participants must meet the Hours Required After WTW 24-Month Time Clock is Exhausted requirements listed in the Participation Requirements chart to continue receiving cash aid.
WTW Family Type Hours Required During WTW 24-Month Time Clock Hours Required After WTW 24-Month Time Clock is Exhausted
Single parent family with child under 6 years old 20 hours with no core activity requirement 20 hours in core activities
Single parent family with no child under 6 years old 30 hours with no core activity requirement 30 hours, of which 20 must be in core activities
Two-parent families Combined 35 hours with no core requirement Combined 35 hours, of which 30 must be in core activities

There are many paths open to WTW participants. Your path may not include every activity in the WTW program because a lot depends on your education and job history. Below are some of the activities you may participate in:

  • Assessment
  • Unsubsidized Employment or Self-Employment
  • Subsidized Employment
  • Work Study
  • Work Experience
  • Community Service
  • Training or Education Programs
  • Job Readiness/Job Search Program (Employment Works Program)
  • Behavioral Health Programs such as Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Domestic Abuse Services

WTW can help with important supportive services when you are working or participating in approved WTW activities. Supportive Services include the following:

  • Transportation expenses
  • Child Care Costs
  • Interview Clothes
  • Work or training needs (ancillary services) such as books, tools, uniforms or other special clothing

A Welfare to Work Plan is important because it tells us how we will work with you so that you can compete and find a job. After reviewing your work experience, education and goals with your WTW Case Manager, the two of you will develop a Plan to help you reach your goal of full time employment.

If for any reason, you do not do what Welfare to Work requires, the following steps will be taken:

  • You have the chance to explain why you did not meet WTW requirements. The county will decide if you had a good reason.
  • You will be sanctioned and your family’s cash aid will be lowered if:
    • You fail or refuse to meet WTW requirements without a good reason, and
    • You do not resolve the problem by signing and completing a plan to do what you are required.
  • If you are sanctioned, your family’s cash aid will be lowered until you do what WTW requires.
  • If you are sanctioned, you may cure your sanction at any time, regardless of the number of times you have been sanctioned by contacting your cash aid EW or the WTW office.

The main Welfare To Work office is located at

CalWORKs Employment Center
900 E Oak Street Map
Stockton CA 95202
(209) 953-7009

CalWORKs Employment Center

We also partner with following agencies to provide WTW Case Management Services:

Center for Employment Opportunity (CEO)
1044 N El Dorado St.  Map
Stockton, CA 95202

Family Resource & Referral Center
1035 W Robinhood Dr. Suite 102  Map
Stockton, CA 95207

El Concilio Council for the Spanish Speaking

  • Manteca office
    1215 W. Center St. Suite 105 Map
    Manteca, CA 95336
  • Lodi office
    1330 S. Ham Lane  Map
    Lodi, CA 95242
  • Tracy office
    95 W 11th St., Suite 104 Map
    Tracy, CA 95376