Safely Surrendered Baby

The California Safely Surrendered Baby Law allows a distressed parent who is unable or unwilling to care for an infant can legally, confidentially, and safely surrender their baby within three days of birth. This protects the parent(s) from arrest or prosecution for abandonment as long as the baby has not been abused or neglected.

Take the baby to a designated safe surrender site or call (888) 468-9370 or (209) 468-1333 for a referral to a designated safe site.

As long as the child shows no signs of abuse or neglect, no name or other information is required. A bracelet will be placed on the baby for identification, and a matching bracelet will be given to the parent. The bracelet will help connect the parent to the baby if the parent wants the baby back.

The law allows another person to bring in the baby if they have legal custody.

The parent will be asked about health history -- to better care for the baby.

Once the parent has safely turned over the baby, the parent is free to go.

On August 31, 2004, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors passed and adopted the Resolution Initiating San Joaquin County's "Safely Surrendered Baby Campaign" and Designating New Safe Haven Sites

San Joaquin County - Designated Safe Surrendered Sites