Covid-19 Vaccines



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Vaccinating Homebound Persons
Covid-19 Vaccines Myth Buster



Disaster Preparedness Tip Sheets for Seniors


Click on the link below for downloadable tip sheets from the California Department of Aging regarding: Coping with floods, hot weather and winter; Disaster preparedness for pets, earthquakes, power outages and wildfires.
Disaster Preparedness Tip Sheets Link



Preparation for Power Outage


Power outage backup for individuals with electricity and battery dependent assistive technology and medical devices.



San Joaquin County Office of Emergency Services



Information & Resources

Information and Assistance is a Department of Aging program that is knowledgeable in all Aging programs, and provides information from government and non-government sources, referrals for health, social and supportive services for seniors, caregivers, disabled adults, and all members within the community. Call (209) 468-1104 Monday thru Friday to speak with Information and Assistance Program Staff. Program staff compile information included in the Resource Directory (download as PDF) for San Joaquin County. Staff also provides outreach to educate the community regarding the Department of Aging resources and services. Call (209) 468-1104 to arrange a presentation for your agency, group or organization.


Useful Links

211 San Joaquin County Resources- (Housing, Healthcare, Food, Financial, Children’s services, Older Adults, Crisis Help, Veterans, legal and more)
Adult Day Care Facilities
Alzheimer’s Association
LeadingAge formerly known as American Association of Homes and Services for the Aged (AAHSA)
Assisted Living Waiver Program
Assisted living/RCFE
Community Center for the Blind (and Visually Impaired)
Disability Resource Agency for Independent Living (DRAIL)
Driving Course (for mature drivers)
GPS tracking devices (a blog on 10 devices)
Housing: rentals for low income seniors, financial assistance, shelters, landlord tenant dispute resolution
Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) Medicare Counseling
Mental Health Services
Nursing Home, A Consumer Guide to Choosing a
Other useful resources in the county for Seniors
Senior Nursing Facilities
Senior Nursing Facilities-compare
Veterans Administration-VA Stockton Clinic



Outreach and Education


Information and Assistance Staff provide outreach to educate the community regarding the Department of Aging resources and services. Call (209) 468-1104 to arrange a presentation for your agency, group or organization.


Referral Form for Services - SJ30A


You can use the Service Referral and Follow-up Summary form (SJ30A) to refer yourself or someone else to services in the Department of Aging. Once completed (Sections 1-4) fax to 209-932-2663 or email to Click here for link to SJ30A


Resource Directory


California Senior Legislature (CSL) Elections

Become a CSL Senior Senator or Senior Assemblymember! The California Senior Legislature has been working to improve the lives of California’s seniors since 1981. This nonpartisan organization has sponsored over 200 new laws helping seniors with financial abuse, health care, transportation, housing, and more. CSL members advocate diligently during each legislative session to have state lawmakers carry and support the CSL’s top State Legislative proposals. It then tracks the progress of its legislative proposals through a series of monthly reports.


Download the Application Documents