The Foster Parent NETwork

The Foster Parent Network

Welcome to the Foster Parent NETwork. Our mission is to connect you to information, resources, social workers, and other foster parents that can be a source of support and encouragement to you.


Our Foster Care Program is intended to provide temporary care for children who are unable to reside with their biological parents.  Under the supervision of the Licensing Unit of Childrens Services, we provide education and training to individuals or families in the community who are interested in becoming foster parents.  This requires some preparation and training, which begins with a foster care orientation meeting.  Please feel free to call us at 209-465-KIDS (5437), for more information on how you can become involved.  


The Adoptions Program is designed to match families with a waiting child or children who need a permanent home.  This process involves education, training and an adoption home study, which assists the adoption staff in helping to find the best possible match for your home.  For more information on how you can adopt a waiting child, please call 209-465-KIDS (5437). 

Dental Providers
Stockton Address Phone Comments
Access Dental 902 E Hammer Ln 95210 957-9500 Sat HF
Afan, Maria Elena 77 W March Ln #7 95207 951-2275 Sat 1st of month HF
Calloway, Vollie 1319 N Commerce 95202 946-0335  
Cheema, Jasbir 2828 Country Club Blvd 95204 466-2828  
Corpuz, Abraham 3640 N El Dorado St 95204 942-3559 Tue Thu Sat HF
Corpuz, Abraham 720 W 8th St 95206 463-8455 Wed Fri HF
Fremont Health Center D/G 2043 E Fremont St 95205 463-2345 HF
Galvez Jose 123 S Commerce St #C 95202 465-5823 HF
Garcia, Emesto 1701 N El Dorado 95204-5801 462-2452 Fax 462-2448 HF
Gawley, Dana 2626 N California St 95204 946-0880 Sat appt only
Grimmett, Reggie 1350 W Robinhood Ste 4 95207 478-3341 emerg Sat eve hrs HF
Huang, Donald 1805 N California St #302 95204 464-7777 Sat HF
Huang, Frank 1150 W Robinhood Dr #5 95207 952-6902 HF
Landis, John 1341 W Robinhood Dr 95207 957-0765  
Low, Eugene 807 N San Joaquin St 95202 466-0191  
Luke, Gordon 2509 W March Ln #240 95219 478-3079  
Nguyen, Hao 4545 Georgetown Ste B8 95207 478-6466 Sat appt only
Nguyen, Tuan 1327 S Madison 95206 948-8400 Hospital Tx HF
Oronce, Maria 1610 N El Dorado Ste 4 95204 462-8361 Sat appt established pts
Pulido, David 1811 Grand Canal Blvd #1 95207 474-2340  
San Joaquin Valley D/G 230 N California St 95202 948-5422 HF
Shirvan, AJ 5635 Stratford Cir C-36 95207 473-1010 Sat appt
Smile Care Family Dentistry 5756 Pacific Ave Ste 75 95207 472-1765 Sat appt HF
Stonewood Dental Group 8626 Lower Sacramento Rd Ste 37 95210 473-4491 Atienza, Regis DDS
Southside Dental Center 1334 S Center St 95206 460-1223 Sat appt HF
Tran, Henry 8006 N El Dorado St 95210 952-9290 Sat appt HF
Trenchuck, Simon 1341 W Robinhood 95207 957-0765 Landis/same office
Valley Dental Center 520 N El Dorado St 95202 943-3990 Dr. Charles Sturgeon HF
Vien, Laurent (West Lane Dental Care) 7743 N West Lane Ste C5 95210 474-1101 Tx w/sed in hospital HF
Village Dental Care 1710 E March Ln #C 95210-5665 474-1000 Sat appt HF
Vo, Son 1412 Rosemarie Ln #B 95207 474-8687 HF
Western Dental Center 678 Wilson Way 937-9000 Gen Dental & Ortho HF
Western Dental Center 1407 W March Ln 473-4000 Gen Dental & Ortho HF
Young, Edward 1701 W March Ln Ste E 95207 478-2316  
Lodi Address Phone Comments
ABC Dental Group (Fengliang & Buhler) 920 S Cherokee Ln 95240 333-6091
Dr Chen 541 S Ham Ln #C 333-9888  
Fleming, Kevin 828 S Fairmont Ave 95240 369-8218  
Ung, Susan 801 S Fairmont Ave #1 95240 333-3780  
Crescent Dental Care
Wong, Leslie
804 W Lodi Ave 95240 367-0168 established pts HF
Manteca Address Phone Comments
Cacho, Will 902 W Center St Ste 5 95336 824-0214 established pts HF
Cheema, Jasbir 1268 W Lathrop Rd 824-1940  
Tracy Address Phone Comments
Do, William 945 Central Ave 95376 836-0443 HF
Vo, Mai 945 Central Ave 95376 836-0443 HF
Bright Now! Dental 2135 Tracy Blvd 95376 836-4950 Sat HF
Escalon/Ripon (Refer to Modesto/

Address Phone Comments
Access Dental 1440 E Hatch Rd, Modesto 95351 531-2000 Sat appt HF
Tourtlatte, Christina 190 S Oak, Oakdale 95361 848-8074  
Non Medi-Cal Referrals Address Phone Comments
San Joaquin Gen Hospital 500 W Hospital Rd French Camp 468-6109  
St Raphael's Dental Clinic 545 W Sonora 95203 467-0703 Tue Thu Fri 9-11am or 12pm
General Anesthesia Address Phone Comments
Central California Dental 3605 Hospital Rd Ste H 381-2047 Located at the former Castle Air Force Base Hospital behind the Castle Air Museum
Surgicenter (CCDS) Atwater, CA    
Orthodontist Address Phone Comments
Croft, Robert 142 Grant Ave, Manteca 823-7689 Accepts Medi-Cal - Tue only
Western Dental Center 678 Wilson Way, Stockton 937-9000 General & Ortho
Western Dental Center 1407 W March Ln, Stockton 473-4000 General & Ortho

Contact Your Social Worker

RFA Supervisor: Karen Christensen (209) 468-1032  
RFA Supervisor:  Lynette Estep  (209) 468-1305  
RFA Foster and Adoptive Home Recruiter: Anna Maguire (209) 468-1055 or (209) 465-KIDS  
RFA Foster and Adoptive Home Recruiter: Treena Johnson (209) 468-1118  
RFA Screener: Sia Vang (209) 468-1026  
RFA Screener: Jennifer Messerschmidt (209) 468-1239  

 RFA Screener:  Deborah Schuler  (209)468-1304  
RFA Social Workers:  Anderson-Fettke    
RFA Social Workers:  Tonina Banales-Aguirre  (209)468-1161  
RFA Social Workers: Maria Brown  209-468-2203   
RFA Social Workers: Nicole Gunderson 209-468-1973   
RFA Social Workers:  Nancy Hernandez-Gardea 209-468-1783   
RFA Social Workers: 

Kusinya Owens  209-468-1177   
RFA Social Workers: Sophiny San  209-468-1262   
RFA Social Workers:   Teresita Walker  209-468-1092   
RFA Family Study Worker :  Janice Berman   209-953-3569  
RFA Family Study Worker : 

Jennifer Delaney 209-468-1023   

Orientation Schedule

Come to a Foster Care Orientation Meeting on one of these dates...


RFA Meetings held the first and third Tuesday of the month from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM at:

Human Services Agency/Agencia de Servicios Humanos

102 S. San Joaquin St., Stockton, CA 95202

You will check in with security and be given the room number.


RFA Meetings held every Thursday* from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at:


San Joaquin Delta College / Colegio Delta

5151 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95207

Meetings are held in room 'Holt 310'. Room subject to change. 



Spanish Classes 

Last Thursday of each month at Delta College in Room 'Holt 311' from 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Third Wednesday of the month at Human Services Agency from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

* Except for holidays

Vengan a la Orientación de Familia de Recursos en Español cualquiera de estos días: 

Último jueves de cada mes en el Colegio Delta en el salon 'Holt 311' de 6:00-9:00 PM*  


Tercer miércoles de cada mes en la Agencia de Servicios Humanos de 4:30-7:30 PM.*   

*Excepto en días feriados 

You can make a difference in a child's life!